About Wildelake Creative

Wildelake Creative is a graphic design company based in Pennsylvania, specializing in professional, affordable design for authors.  We design book covers, branding, promotional items, and websites.

Wildlake Creative is a subsidiary of Wildelake Press, LLC.

20 Years Professional Graphic Design Experience

I have over 20 years professional graphic and website design experience.  I have designed sales flyers, brochures, product packaging (that you can still find in Lowes & Home Depot stores), print ads, business cards, and multiple websites for many organizations and small businesses.

Extensive Professional Development

I am obsessed with developing my design and marketing skills.  I took many graphic and website design courses during my undergrad and masters programs (B.A. Labor Studies & Employment Relations and Master of Educational Technology).

I am currently becoming a marketing expert as I pursue my Ed.D. in Leadership with an emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Innovation – a fancy way to say business development and marketing.

Avid Reader

I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.  I used to get busted reading under my desk at school and it was probably Sweet Valley High.  I read approximately 200 books a year, no joke, and I think that is helpful because I can look at the covers and other materials I design from a readers perspective.


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