The following terms of service apply to all design services provided by Wildelake Creative. All clients will receive a copy of Wildelake Creative’s Terms of Service to sign and return before any work is completed.

The Terms and Conditions outlined below between Wildelake Press, LLC d/b/a Wildelake Creative and CLIENT NAME on this DATE concerning Wildelake Creative’s services as the Client’s graphic designer by the following:


The materials contained in this website ( are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.


Wildelake Creative is an independent contractor, and is not an employee or partner and is not otherwise affiliated with the client beyond the contracted graphic design services rendered.  All design work completed by Wildelake Creative is done with the understanding that the client has agreed to the outlined terms and conditions outlined in this document.


All design work completed by Wildelake Creative is the copyright of Wildelake Creative. The client acknowledges they have obtained all rights and permissions to all materials provided to Wildelake Creative.  Should any intellectual property issues arise that involves materials the client provides to Wildelake Creative, the client will assume full legal and financial responsibility.  Additionally, the client agrees to hold harmless and defend Wildelake Creative (Wildelake Press, LLC.) from all legal matters resulting from materials the client provided.

Wildelake Creative subscribes to the stock image site ( All stock images, unless provided by the client, are purchased from Deposit Photo. This ensures all images used in our designs has the appropriate royalty-free licensing. Wildelake Creative is not responsible for the same royalty-free stock images being used on other covers by other designers now or in the future.

Wildelake Creative will not design with images obtained from free sites due to the unknown origin of the images and the potential for copyright infringement.  If you would like a list of reputable photographers, we are happy to recommend some of our favorites should you wish to use exclusive images over stock images.


Pre-made book covers and branding packages are available for purchase from the Wildelake Creative Pre-made Shop on the website.  Payments for pre-made items must be in full at the time of purchase. If you purchase a pre-made item but are not ready to have the design completed at the time of purchase, we will hold the paid for design until you are ready to use the item. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges for pre-made items. No exceptions will be made. Pre-made items are sold with the understanding that modifications are limited to author name, title, tagline, and the description; slight color changes can also be made. Any additional requests are charged at $45/hour with a one-hour billing minimum.

For custom covers, author branding, and website design the client will pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost before work commences.  The remainder of the balance is due after the client gives the final approval for the design. This payment must be completed before the finished product will be uploaded to the Dropbox as outlined in the Finished Product & Ownership section.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Due to the personalized nature of our products, there are no refunds, returns, or exchanges. No exceptions will be made.

If the client chooses to cancel or stop a project once it has started, the client understands that they will lose their 50% deposit and they have no rights to any mockups that may have been provided to them prior to the project cancellation.

Finished Product & Ownership

When Wildelake Creative is finished with the design work and the client has approved the final design, the finished product is saved in the following high-quality output file types: PDF, JPEG, and PNG.  Once the final payment has been made, Wildelake Creative will grant the client an exclusive license to use the final artwork.  These files will be uploaded to the Wildelake Creative Dropbox account. The folder will be shared with the Client.

The source files or editable original artwork, which include the PSD and AI files are the copyright of Wildelake Creative and will not be shared with the client under any circumstances.  Wildelake Creative retains these files on an external hard drive and can make changes, usually for a fee, at a later date if it becomes necessary to do so.

Under no circumstances is the client, or someone working on behalf of the client, to alter the finished product (PDF, JPEG, PNG files) unless it is the image size to share on social media.  Any changes to the artwork provided from Wildelake Creative to the client must be altered by Wildelake Creative.  This will typically result in a fee charged at $45 per hour with a one-hour minimum.

Wildelake Creative retains the right to share the finished product, client name, and book title on their website and social media for promotional purposes after the client has “revealed” the images to the public.


Wildelake Creative requires design credit for all completed projects.

Social Media sharing (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) should be attributed as: “Branding or Cover Design or Website Design by Wildelake Creative” and @wildelakecreative should be tagged in posts made by the client and 3rd party services hired to represent the client.

Ebook and paperbacks should be attributed as: “Cover Design: © YEAR Wildelake Creative | Cover Image(s): Deposit Photos or Image Source.”

During the design process, the Wildelake Creative logo will be placed where the barcode on the final paperback will be.  The logo will be removed for the files for the printer but will remain in the files given to the client for social media sharing purposes.  This logo is not to be removed.

Websites will indicate: “Site Design by Wildelake Creative” with a link back to This attribution is not to be removed from the website.


You may not post, share, sell, license, or distribute in any way copies of our products or services, neither as a collection nor individually. You may not sell, license or distribute our products in such a way that includes the representation of identifiable individuals, governments, logos, trademarks, or emblems or use these kinds of images in ways that might suggest or imply an endorsement or association with your product, entity, or activity.



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