What the Font?

Choosing fonts to go with your author brand can be somewhat tricky.

Do you pick one because you like it, because the person doing your branding said you should, or because the current best-seller in your genre is using it?

While you should look around at the general overall look and feel of the genre you write in, for the love of everything, do NOT copy (anything. ever) what’s working for others. That never works, and copying is just a bad idea.

You want to brand for your own unique self while not sticking out as being too different. Because readers get comfortable with what they know. Man chest covers, anyone?

So, anyway back to fonts and typography. Let’s have a little lesson, so you understand the ins and outs of fonts.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts are said to be traditional and classic.

Check out the image below. The green arrows show where there is an extra line or stroke that is attached to the bottoms of most of the letters. It is also pronounced at the tops of the letter “s”.

Sans Serif Fonts

Sans Serif fonts are said to be more modern and clean.

No arrows on the image below, but as you can see there are no extra strokes on the letters shown. The lines are clean with no extra “flair”.

Script Fonts

Script fonts are gorgeous. I recommend only using script fonts for decorative text and accents to your display fonts. This is because while script fonts are beautiful and I love them so much. Some people find them very hard to read.

Google and Adobe Fonts are fantastic for finding Serif and Sans Serif fonts, but I do not love their selection of script fonts quite as much.

For script fonts, my go-to place to purchase them is Creative Market. You are most welcome for that rabbit hole.

Tell me, what do you prefer? Serif or Sans Serif. Let me know in the comments.

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